Fantacy Filaments for Incandescent

Formed the Arts group 100w with three other artists working in the same field.

As part of 100w we have held 3 annual open houses as part of the Brighton Festival.

Conceived and curated the exhibition “ Incandescent “ based around the demise of the humble filament light bulb.

Out Of The Woods – The Lost Children Of Medusa.

Shady dealings in Kemptown

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Light Bulb

As it dies it sings. Unsung in life it hangs above, a slave in its vacuum prison sipping power. Deprived of oxygen, lest it burn too fast and bright and live a shorter life. Privy to our intimate actions, from its commanding position tenderly responsive to our whims and passions.”

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100Whats Presents: – OUR HOUSE

OUR HOUSE is a witty, thought provoking and topical concept based exhibition, exploring the form and role of the incandescent light bulb through a range of media. The exhibition is the work of newly formed arts group, 100 Whats, made up of four dynamic Brighton based artists, Patrick Bullock, Jo Coles, Sarah Parsons and Nikie Gunson. These are artists who really know how to engage an audience. All four have strong and established links with the innovative Brighton based community arts group, Same Sky, which is hosting the exhibition, and which has been the creative force behind many popular large-scale arts projects and events in Brighton over the past 21 years, bringing colour, fun and energy to its streets, including such events as The Children’s Parade and The Burning of the Clocks.

OUR HOUSE does what all good concept art should do, provokes questions and new ways of looking at the world which glow and fizz in your mind long after you’ve left the exhibition space. The light bulb is one of those great inventions whose omniscience and mundane setting has robbed it of its considerable historical value and significance in the everyday consciousness and routine of our daily lives. It has clearly played an important role in global developments in the world of work, education, health and safety and indeed the speed and progress of the Industrial Revolution itself.

Whether it is homage to the humble light bulb and its contribution to society, or a commentary on its nearing demise, and its effect on the planet it has steadfastly lit for the past 100 years, is for the observer to decide. Whatever thoughts, memories, rants or stories OUR HOUSE provokes in you…just remember, last one out …… please switch off the lights…